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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Good luck to the A-Z Bloggers!

As the first of April, today marks the beginning of the A-Z blogging challenge, in which bloggers commit to producing a post a day except Sundays in April, covering all 26 letters.

I took part last year, and covered a range of topics through the month, but many bloggers approach this in a more logical themed way. There's a list of some of these themes at the A-Z blog.

I'm not participating this year, but I did want to wish everyone all the best with it. The A-Z blog has a list of the 1600+ participants.

Why not visit a few and see what they're blogging about?


  1. Thanks, I think we'll need the luck,

  2. Sorry you're not taking part but I must say it does take up a lot of time. I'm doing it again, for my sins, and I'm blogging about nostalgia.

  3. I'm in...at the deep end! :-)


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