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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Coming Up: A Week of Children's Books!

6-12 April 2012

From Good Friday, we're going to celebrate the wonders of children's books for a week here at Thoughts from the Hearthfire. I've got reviews of some great titles, some just releasing and some a little less recent, as well as a couple of broader posts featuring several titles.

Here's what's coming up:
Good Friday (6th April)
Kicking us off on our children's book adventure is the fabulous new release, Road to London, by Barbara Mitchelhil.

Easter Saturday (7th April)
A slightly older title for our second day of children's book fun is Julia Donaldson's standalone MG novel, The Giants and the Joneses.

Easter Sunday (8th April)
A bumper post of recommendations from my 8yr old will come next. She really enjoys offbeat funny stories and is not a particularly girly girl, so this post will focus on the series she enjoys reading solo.

Easter Monday (9th April)
For the central day of our week, I'm going to share mini reviews of a bundle of fabulous non-fiction books which I won in a Twitter competition from Scholastic for Non Fiction Day last year.

Holiday Tuesday (10th April)
A new title to review here: My Own Special Way, an early reader story retold by Vivian French.

Wednesday 11th April
For the Words on Wednesday series, a review of Linda Strachan's Writing for Children.

Thursday 12th April
To round the week off, another new title review: Comic Cafe, by Roger Stevens.

There will be other children's book-related posts this month. Tomorrow, I'll be back for Words on Wednesday thinking about gender representation in picture books, and later on in the month we'll be reviewing Richard Brassey's The Queen (sneak preview: my 8yr old loved it), and Francesca Simon's fabulous The Sleeping Army.

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  1. Ooh, I'm pleased to see Barbara Mitchelhill has a new book out, I loved 'Run Rabbit Run'. I'll pop over to investigate!


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