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Monday, 9 January 2012

Magical Monday: 10 Fabulous Full Moon Facts

  1. Today's full moon is known as the Old Moon, the Wolf Moon or the Ice Moon. (NB: different traditions have different names for each moon).
  2. Violence and crime is said to increase at the full moon, with more cases of assault, murder, arson and suicide.
  3. The rutting season for deer (and other herbivores) appears to be related to the full moon.
  4. More babies are said to be born at the full moon.
  5. Trying to conceive at a full moon is supposed to increase your chances of a son (it's the new moon for a daughter).
  6. The Old Moon is said to be a good time for spells and rituals relating to the home and family and material matters.  
  7. Salmon and other animals are noted to migrate in greater numbers at the full moon.
  8. Cutting your hair at the full moon is claimed to make it grow more quickly.
  9. The full moon is associated with the Mother aspect of the Goddess.
  10. Herbs harvested at the full moon are believed to be more potent, as they contain more essential oils.
So, which of these have you heard before?


  1. I must be behind with my folklore, as I haven't heard any of them, so I've learnt lots of new things today :).

  2. Number 10 is important for my new novel! Glad I stopped by, I'm going to use that one :)


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