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Friday, 27 January 2012

Family Friday: Some Recent Highlights

A few snippets of kid-related fun from the last few weeks:

  • "Are they real acting meercats in the adverts?"
  • 13 yr old special: "Eeew. I've just realised. You've done icky stuff (this means 'had sex') at least twice." (We have two daughters. Remember that moment of realisation? This one came in a shop - Boots. We were buying cold medicines.)
  • The Tooth Fairy Visit. "My tooth's fallen out (in bed) but I don't want to leave it out tonight because I need to write her a letter." OK, letters are nice, right? Of course, she also wanted a letter back and this meant that paper needed to be left out for the fairy to use. Paper which she had decorated specially. Thankfully she fell asleep quickly, so it wasn't a Christmas Eve style event. There were considerable nerves about getting the letter right though, since there could be no second chance. And then when she wanted to take the letter to school as other kids had, we were worried about handwriting not matching, until she mentioned 'X's tooth fairy does this and Y's tooth fairy does that"...


  1. Fancy mentioning that in Boots. Kids are so funny... sometimes! Glad you got the tooth-fairy letter correct.

  2. You've got to love some of the stuff kids come up with. Even my 2 year old niece comes up with some funny stuff!


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