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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Mission Statement, or something ...

'Mission Statement' sounds a bit grand really, but I am excited because (drum roll, please) 
I've figured out what this blog is for.  

I've been finding it hard to write for, and clearly this is because its purpose was, well, muddled.  I've further realised that this was because I am, in fact, muddled - and that maybe this is ok.  I'm pretty sure there are other people out there who are also muddled.  It can't be the norm to have just one interest, surely?   Don't we all lead complicated lives these days?

My plan is to rotate blog posts on four main themes:

  • writing
  • parenting and family stuff
  • reading
  • myth, folklore and the supernatural

I can't do four posts a week at the mo, but I'm going to aim for two a week, so I'll visit each topic once a fortnight.

How do you organise your blogging?  Do you think it's best to run discrete blogs on different themes, or mix it all in and see what happens?

Photo by Filomena Scalise.  Find more of her work at freedigitalphotos.net


  1. I'm a mix it all up sort of person. I push the blog as a writing blog. After my blogging break I tried to focus the blog just on writing and I found that really hard. Then I tried to do a series of things and I found that contrived too. So in the end I post a photo on Monday's and I do a post about writing on Wednesday's and the rest of the week if there is something I just have to post about then I do.

  2. Thanks Michele. I thought it being just about writing would be hard too. I like your photos - they mix it up nicely, I think.


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