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Monday, 27 December 2010

'Tis the Season ...

to run around like a headless crazywoman, snapping at anyone who suggests it is in fact the season for rest and calm?  Preferably not.  I must say that since I discovered (and initially obeyed) Flylady a few years ago, I've managed to enjoy this time of year a lot more.  A little planning every day through most of October and November means that it's not a scary thing that creeps up on you from nowhere.  I remember seeing a brilliant catalogue cover a couple of years ago (a Hawkins one) that read something like "We would like to remind our customers for whom it is often a surprise that this year Christmas will fall on December 25th".  Funny, but often horrifically true.

So, if you've driven yourself (and/or your family) mad over this holiday period, I'd strongly recommend having a look at the Flylady's advice.  As a typically reserved Brit, I find some of the American sentimentality a bit 'in your face', and the christian flavour sometimes comes across as a little heavy-handed for my taste, BUT the woman is annoyingly right about many, many things.  Although her focus is on housekeeping and home organisation, the effect of following her system and reading her daily emails is much more about self-esteem and feeling on top of things, rather than being constantly vaguely overwhelmed.

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