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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Home on Tuesday: Why the Hearthfire?

The hearthfire is the warmth at the heart of the home.  It represents love, security and was once seen as sacred.

Fire also represents the spiritual for me.  In terms of the traditional four elements, I see spiritual conviction or connectedness as being a fire thing (and I know this is a personal take).  It's not emotional, certainly not rational or physical, but is an instinct, a gut feeling.  This is unequivocally fire, for me.  It consumes, but also gives life.

So the hearthfire is the place I want to write from - a safe place of love, faith and honour.  That's not to say that I plan to write cosily.  I simply think that I need to be as rooted in safety as possible in order to be grounded enough to explore the dark, the threatening and the complex.  So it is with fiction, so it is with life - be that physical, emotional or spiritual.

So, this blog is a place to record my thoughts, as I settle by the metaphorical fire to take the time to lay them out and examine them.

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