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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Home on Tuesday: Dog Days

Over the past week or so, we've all heard each other telling the dog that getting her was the best thing we did in 2010, or some similar phrase.  She's really improved our lives, so I thought I'd spend a family blog post extolling the virtues of canine companionship.

This is her on the first day we got her, on August 1st.  Look how attentive she already was to hubby (he was recognised by her as Pack Leader straight away, so she's not that smart).

She came to us from the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, all 'done' and chipped and de-infested.  We were happy to get a dog from them as they don't destroy healthy but difficult-to-house dogs, and we wanted a rescue rather than a particular breed.  She seems to be largely (if not completely) Patterdale Terrier, although we've learned that since she moved in.  Which leads me to the number one benefit:

Having a Dog is a Sociable Thing
People talk to you when you're walking a dog, and if you frequent the same places, you see the same people. There's a whole community of dog people out there, and a lot of them are friendly.  For those of a more masculine persuasion, having a dog with you also makes you instantly less threatening to others, especially the elderly, families and women out alone.

The need to walk the dog is also great family time.  We've always enjoyed walking as a family, but the kids had started to be less than enthusiastic about such outings.  Now, though, it's a very different story.  Who could resist frisbee fun?

Having a Dog is Fun
As well as aforementioned frisbee frolics, who can resist:

  • laughing at the dog's ridiculous repertoire of grumbles and assorted strange noises?
  • the joy of running for its own sake, chasing with a crazy dog?
  • cuddling on the sofa with a furry friend to stroke?

What was the best thing you did as a family last year?

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