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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday Tidings: New Dog Joy

Actually, he's called Hunter :)

We think he's rather lovely. He's a young lurcher, aged around a year, (we assume a whippet lurcher since he's quite petite) and we got him from the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth on Sunday. They acquired him with five siblings as strays from Ireland. We saw two of the others being picked up at the same time as we were collecting Hunter, so good news there.

The pictures belie his true energy levels. I didn't want to post pictures of a crazy blur with amazing speed despite poor limb control, so I caught him in his quiet moments. As you can see, he's taken to his mat and soft bed quite well. :)

Although he may not have lived in a home before, he's been quite good so far. At the time of writing (Monday night), we've only had one puddle in the house and he was much more hopeful of being able to get our dinner off us than our existing dog who's lived with us for just over eighteen months on Sunday, but was less optimistic today. We also had a howl-free night (hurrah!). So he's doing really well for a new dog and he's been lovely with the girls and our existing dog. We can't wait until he comes to his name well enough to be able to run free in the parks and the woods with Jessie the terrier!


  1. He's lovely! It's such a great thing to rescue an animal, people can be so cruel to dogs. He looks like a lovable rogue :)

  2. OMG, he is gorgeous. We ended up getting a rescue greyhound after falling in love with a friend's GH-cross lurchers. They certainly do love their soft beds! Give him an ear rub from me. :)


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