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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

In My Mailbox 11

In My Mailbox is a meme run by The Story Siren, in which bloggers can share a peek at the lovely books they've acquired over the past week (or month, as the case may be ...)

In this instalment of IMM, I've received the following books for review from the lovely ladies at Orion:

My Own Special Way by Mithaa alKhayyat (retold by Vivian French), a sweet little tale, which my 8 yr old enjoyed and I'll be reviewing soon. The Hunting Ground by Cliff McNish, which promises tons of creepiness and Crossing Over by Anna Kendall - the first in a paranormal series about a boy who can visit the realm of the dead.

I've won:

The Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis (signed!) from the lovely Abrams & Chronicle. I started this on the train yesterday and it's beautiful and enthralling so far - a lovely mix of realism and fairy tale.

Undiscovered Voices 2012 through the fabulous Tall Tales and Short Stories blog - a showcase of as-yet-unpublished British talent in children's books.

Loose Connections by Rosemary Hayes, A Waste of Good Paper by Sean Hayes and The Comic Cafe by Roger Stevens.  These 3 proofs came via a Twitter competition from Frances Lincoln. Loose Connections comes out in June and seems to be a realistic family story for older kids with a ghostly twist, while A Waste of Good Paper is a piece of teen realism which comes out in May. The Comic Cafe is a kids' novel out in May from comic poet Roger Stevens.

Drive By by Jim Carrington, kindly provided by Bloomsbury as an early bird prize on the British Books Challenge. I was really pleased to see this as a prize, as I'd just heard about the book and popped it on my wishlist. It's a realist YA novel exploring the idea of consequences and responsibility.

So, which lovely books have come your way recently?


  1. Ooh you did well on your wins. I am intrigued by the Undiscovered Voices one! I loved The Storyteller and The Hunting Ground so I hope you do too.

  2. I got a copy of UV 2012 on Saturday to read and pass around. Then I bought a few books in London. I saw you'd been lucky in the old comps recently and have been scouring my twitter feed for comps!


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