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Friday, 5 August 2011

Family Friday: we love English Heritage!

We have been members of English Heritage for three years now and absolutely love it. It's been brilliant on UK holidays in particular, as there are so many places you can just visit on a whim. And there are often great events in the summer like jousting, falconry and medieval music - at no extra charge! Finally, quite a lot of their properties allow dogs in the grounds (or in the case of ruins like our local Ashby Castle, all over the site).

This week (on Monday in fact, in recognition of Lammas, the grain harvest), we went to Sibsey Trader Mill in Lincolnshire and had a great time. We were able to see it in full sail and saw some of the inner workings. More was available to view but cowardice got the better of us after two flights of, er, ladder. I didn't even manage to get an inside pic, as we were too busy being scared :(

Recovered from the ladders! 
Anyway, our youngest, who has recently become close to obsessed with the song "John Barleycorn" was thrilled to be able to actually see grain being crushed "between two stones" and was amazed to see that the mill can work with three different grains at a time.

We can also recommend the tea room :) I can personally vouch for warmed fluffy scones with jam and cream!

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  1. I've never belonged to English Heritage. It sounds like it's worth considering. We used to belong to the National Trust but they have very little worth visiting in the Leicestershire area. Thanks for the prompt.


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