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Saturday, 30 April 2011

April A-Z: Yes!

I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some blogs I've read recently that've made me go "yes" - either in agreement, or simple appreciation of the writing. Some I've discovered through the A-Z challenge, others are by people I follow on Twitter, or whose blogs I already followed.

Firstly, Rebecca Brown's "Little Notepad" is a fabulous showcase for her writing. It was on her blog that I first heard of the A-Z Challenge. It's hard to pick just one, so I'm going to link to a couple of her posts (and I also want to show you the different kinds of stuff she does!)
Her P post - Pier Pressure - was an excellent short story.
Her Wedding Fever post was a lively reminiscence piece about her own wedding, prompted (of course) by yesterday's Royal Wedding.

Lucy Coat's Blog, Scribble City Central, is one I've followed for a while. Last week, over a series of three posts, she treated us to a fantastic set of "Royal Wedding Revelations", which were her memories of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981. She was actually there (being a schoolfriend of Diana's), which impressed my 7yr old no end!

A blog which I have discovered and enjoyed through this challenge is Shannon Lawrence's "The Warrior Muse", in which she posts mostly writing-related material. Her Y post focused on her plans for and achievements (so far!) this year.

Another discovery for the challenge is Sarah Makela's blog. She's another writer, who's used the challenge to present an alphabet's worth of mythological and legendary beasts. I particularly enjoyed S is for Selkie.

Finally, I'm offering you a blog of beauty. Joanna Cannon's blog provides beautiful and touching writing, mostly inspired by her day job as a doctor. The piece I'm linking to, A Beautiful Game, moved me to tears (and this is not a common thing - be warned), as did "Elephants" a couple of months ago. She deals with 'big' stories - birth, death, loss - but in a very understated and truly beautiful way.

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