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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

April A-Z: Protection

OK, in case you're all spooked out by some of yesterday's omens, here are some things you can use to protect yourself from evil:

  • crossed fingers
  • touching wood (or knocking on wood outside the UK) 
  • a horseshoe nailed outside your house (I believe pointing upwards, but some would say pointing down...)
  • salt - just sprinkle it around your house, or in the doorways and windows
  • hawthorn, holly or ivy planted around the home (there are many other protective plants and herbs too)
  • an amulet such as a rabbit's foot, a four-leaved clover or lucky coin
  • a witch's bottle: a glass or ceramic jar or bottle filled with various things, often including pins/needles and thread/string to trap evil and sometimes a drop of the owner's blood (or a sample of their urine) to make it their own

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