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Friday, 1 April 2011

April A-Z: Attitude Adjustment

In these trying times, I thought I'd share a list of things that have lifted my spirits in the last week:
  • Students - it's almost a given that when I'm fed up, I'll have a great lesson or a student (usually not the one you'd expect) will suddenly 'get it' or say something lovely that really cheers me up.
  • Music - there's nothing like a rousing song or a blast from the past to perk me up on the train or bus.
  • Writing - finishing a draft and a couple of editing rounds of a young kid novel was a real boost. 
  • My lovely husband - encouraging me to take a day for myself and go to a couple of Cambridge Wordfest sessions.
  • Reading - starting Katherine Langrish's "West of the Moon" has given me some much-needed escapism.

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