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Friday, 28 June 2013

Time for a little break. But first: See the Dogs Run

No, I've not come over all Peter and Jane. I have, in fact, got this marvellous gif to show you of our dogs running. I recently changed phone and, helpfully, Google+ automatically uploads any photos I take. Naturally, as it's a New Phone, I have been messing around with the settings and tested the 'burst shot' mode on the dogs running.

Back at home on the laptop after a walk, Google+ emailed to say my photos were available and, naturally, I checked them out (y'know - bigger screen to see them on and everything). Imagine my excitement when I saw that G+ had spotted the burst shots and animated them into gifs for me! So, to offset my guilt about not having a proper post for you today (and about needing to take a bit of a break), I thought I'd share this awesomeness with you :)

In case anyone's wondering why the lurcher suddenly appears part way through, this represents two separate burst shots (they were running laps). I don't know how to separate them :)

Anyway, hopefully this will make someone smile. As mentioned above, I'm going to be taking a little blogging break - all part of the looking after myself and getting my priorities right thing - and I'll be back on the 15th July with more reviews and other stuff. It'll be a bit of a relaunch with some changes. Nothing drastic, and (hopefully!) all for the better. See you then! I'll just leave you with some more doggish loveliness...
Jessie, the Patterdale(ish) terrier loves water
This is Hunter's preferred daytime position. What I'd give for that flexibility!

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