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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Top Five Reasons I'm a Tweeter, not a Facebooker

I really don't know why I still have a Facebook account; I barely look at it. Possibly keeping tabs on my teen online... Anyway, here's why I prefer Twitter.

I can read what interesting people have to say without having to 'friend' them

The one-sidedness of Twitter - 'following' someone rather than 'friending' them - makes it okay to listen in and gain the benefit of others' wisdom without them having to have any reciprocal interest in you.

I can discover additional interesting people via RTs, MTs and mentions

Every so often, something interesting will get RTd (or MTd) into my timeline that will lead to me discovering another person to follow. That kind of interconnectedness just isn't there on Facebook, as far as I can see.

I can get involved in conversations with people I don't even follow (yet) via hashtags

Again, sometimes this leads to a new connection, but it might also be that I have a single exchange with someone via a mutual interest in a particular topic. And again, this is about the web-like connectedness of Twitter (to my mind), whereas Facebook is much more linear in my experience.

No silly games!

I hate Farmville, Mafia Wars and all that stuff. I'm not a gamer, and I don't want to collect 'hugs' or 'hearts' or 'teddies'. Just ugh.

I have made genuine friendships via Twitter and truly feel part of a community.

This is not my Facebook experience, where you have to know someone already to then find them online.

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