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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hurrah for Creativity!

This is a Proud Mummy post, for which I make only the slightest apology (sorry!). My youngest adores the magazine Animals and You, which shamelessly targets little girls' love of all things fluffy and furry (and a bit of pink and sparkly). Recently they ran a competition to invent a new character for their 'Poppy's World' comic strip and (I expect you've figured this out), my youngest was the fortunate winner, seeing her creation realised and introduced to all the regulars. We didn't get advance notice - she just found her character in this month's issue when it arrived. Imagine the excitement I came home to!

Here's the strip featuring the new character:

And here's a cute little shout-out to Snowball from the facing page:

I'm really proud of her because it really was all her own idea, and they used her description and phrases exactly. At the moment, she wants to be a writer when she grows up, and is always scribbling, which is great to see. It may seem corny, but I'm also a bit proud of myself here for having encouraged her to be creative, to take pleasure in it and to have confidence in her own creations. Funny how it's easier to allow/encourage/nurture in others, isn't it? :)

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  1. Congratulations to your daughter... And to you too. You are quite justified in being proud of her. I do hope she never loses her love of creative writing.


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