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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Tuesday Tidings: Changes Around the Hearthfire

It's time for some changes around here. I'm going to be a bit more organised about my posts, and I'm going to be integrating with my website a bit more. Here's what I'm going to be doing:
  • Booky posts on Mondays and Fridays - largely reviews
  • Other posts on Wednesdays - personal posts, opinions, topics related to language and writing
This will kick off next Monday with a review. Today's will be the only post this week, while I catch my breath and do some more planning. You should see my lists of possible topics (and website features)!

Some of you may also be familiar with my original online home, my website - mostly comprised of teaching notes for A Level English. I'm also going to be introducing regularly updated content over there, and the website is expanding to represent my writing as well as my teaching. I'll be featuring the following:

On the 'help for students' page
  • A 'read of the week' in the reading for pleasure corner. Most of these will be YA tips, with occasional adult reads (not in that sense), and perhaps the odd round-up (e.g. great witchy reads)
  • A 'wider reading' suggestion, to be updated fortnightly
  • A 'diversify your vocab' box with a different word or group of words each week
On the 'help for teachers' page
  • A weekly teaching activity or tip
  • A weekly round-up of the student features, including occasional related resources or teaching tips
Sometimes I'll link between the two. I'm thinking of doing a monthly summary here of the various bits and bobs on my website (I'll be storing the regular features on monthly archive pages once they've been replaced on the main pages).


  1. This all sounds amazingly organised. You make me feel like a pantser!


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