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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Words on Wednesday: Recommended Writer's Resources

Welcome to the first in a new occasional series, where I'll round up a few handy resources for writers that I've seen recently or use regularly. It will be a mixture of blog posts, websites, books, events, organisations and anything else that crops up. I decided to make it a semi-regular features as I've already got quite a list. So here are the first crop of resources for you, in no particular order:

Abi Burlingham on Picture Books

The latest blog post (10th August), from PB (and MG) author Abi Burlingham is full of useful advice. And if that's not enough, she's offering to email you a more detailed handout on getting started in Picture Book writing! You might also want to stay and browse awhile here, as there are more great posts about writing.

Nicola Morgan on Preparing Submissions

The ever-helpful Nicola Morgan has a new ebook out, Dear Agent - Write the Letter That Sells Your Book,  which is full of clear, no-nonsense advice on writing to agents and publishers. If you don't already have it, her Write a Great Synopsis - An Expert Guide is another essential read if you're getting ready to submit. They're practical little books, each priced at under £3.

Zoe Marriott on Writing YA

This blog post, Ultimate Form and Why it Doesn't Work is fantastically helpful if you're struggling to follow all 'the rules' in your writing for the YA market. Again, this is a blog that's well worth digging into, as Zoe is fantastically generous with her advice (not to mention brilliantly feminist and incisive in her opinions) despite being busy as a successful and well-loved fantasy writer.

Happy writing!


  1. Ah, thanks for this, Beth! I hope people find the posts useful.

  2. Thank you, Beth! As Abi says, I hope loads of people find our info helpful. Good company! *waves*


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