Friday, 24 August 2012

Family Friday: Sixteen Years Ago Today...

This is what I was doing:
Thankfully, the picture quality is not a reflection of the quality of our marriage :)

The day itself was a real sunshine-and-showers British summer day. A highlight of the day was when there was a clap of thunder and all the lights in the Salvation Army hall went out. This moment happened just as the Major had asked if anyone had any reason we shouldn't be married. We were right to ignore the seemingly celestial intervention, it was clearly just a test.

I could never have predicted then what our lives would be like now. We had plenty of plans, but have changed almost all of them since!


  1. Hey Beth, Belated Happy Anniversary, I hope you managed a celebration. Great picture, your dress looks lovely.

    Plans? They are made especially for changing. If you don't do it yourself, life will intervene anyway.

    Have fun over the holiday weekend.

  2. Happy belated anniversary! You look lovely :)

  3. A belated Happy Anniversary! :)


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