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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tuesday Tidings: I'm back!

This is (like) me speeding through the term
So, the college year is over and I can breathe again. And, as promised, I've been thinking about my poor little ol' blog. I'll be posting more often (Mon - Fri) and will 'theme' my days. I'd read that as a blogging tip and thought it might be really restrictive, but then I remembered how much successful the A-Z in April was, and how actually having the 'limitation' of the letter each day gave me more to work with, rather than less.

I should have known that really, since it's a trick I use in teaching pretty regularly: restrictions and limitations are oddly freeing in writing. Duh. So much easier to help others learn than to do it for myself...

So Tuesday will henceforth be news day: Tuesday Tidings. And today's news is that I'm back and will recommence regular blogging. I'll be doing more book reviews, but will also be sneaking in other stuff that I'm interested in. Here's how my blogging week will go:

Magical Monday might be a review of a magical/mythical book; a folklore post, or some other magical topic.

Tuesday Tidings will feature short news pieces, comments on current affairs (I'll try to keep the education-policy-themed posts to a respectable level :) ), or just what's coming up on the blog.

Words on Wednesday will centre on language and writing. This will give me an excuse to comment on language topics, to review writing craft books, to link to some of the excellent craft blogs I follow, or just to share an interesting word-based story.

Thrilling Thursday could well include some reviews of thrillers, crime novels and the 'edgy' realistic teen stuff, along with anything else 'thrilling' that grabs me...

Family Friday will occasionally feature stuff about my family, or comments on family and parenting related stuff.  Oh, and book reviews of kids' (rather than teen) books, and maybe the odd parenting tome.

See you tomorrow for Words on Wednesday!

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