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Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Flying High by Sara Grant

Second in the cute new witchy series for young readers 

I am loving this new series and will absolutely be looking out for more instalments in Trix's magical adventures. The first title, The Witching Hour, introduced us to Trix just at the point where she discovered her magical potential (my review here). In this story, Trix is going to start flying lessons. How exciting is that? It's hard to imagine a young reader not wishing they could also learn to fly on their very own besom.

My 9 year old, in fact, was so inspired that she wrote her own incantation for flying, just like the trainee witches have do in the book. See how inspiring these sweet little books are:
Drift up,
Drift up,
Wait for me there.
As soon as we're ready
We'll fly through the air!
Isn't that cute?

Again, as in the first book, there are strong core values of being a good friend and acting selflessly - clearly essential for fairy godmothers, but pretty sound advice for anyone. This series is shaping up to be a lot of fun, with a valuable and gentle message at its heart.

I would definitely have loved these as a child, and I'm sure they'll be gaining many young fans. I strongly recommend them for young readers, and they would also make good bedtime reading for those not yet reading independently.

From the back cover

There's a big surprise in store for witch-in-training, Trix Morgan, but first she must learn to fly ehr very own broomstick - with a little help from her magic kitten, Jinx.

There are lots of thrills and spills - will Trix ever get the hang of flying? And can she help Pippa overcome mean-girl Stella's nasty tricks?

Published 7 March by Orion Children's Books

Find more information on the series homepage
My grateful thanks to the publishers for providing us with a review copy

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  1. One for me niece when she's older. Thanks :)


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