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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Magic of Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season. I've only recently become concretely aware of this (duh!), having had a vague memory of writing about Autumn last year. I double checked to find I haven't blogged about other seasons. Clear favouritism!

More honest than Summer (which promises much and rarely delivers), Autumn has its own particular beauty. I also value and welcome its inwardness, as we hunker down for the darker evenings and refocus. I always feel my creativity pick up after the summer - although I'm also always full of good intentions for the summer holidays... But we'll ignore that :)

I wonder how much of this is linked to the academic year, which has been a factor in so much of my life. Or maybe it's just that the academic year, based as it is on the agricultural year and its nature-dependency, works with natural rhythms that would exist anyway.

What do you think? Those of you whose working life doesn't revolve around the school year, do you feel this sense of renewal in the autumn?


  1. Mine revolves around the school year because of the children. You tend to mark the seasons and months by their holidays. Summer is my favourite - autumn and winter too darn cold!

  2. I love Autumn, the nip in the air, the leaves changing colour and falling away signalling that we'll soon be indoors as the days get shorter. All are signs that its time for change.
    Thats how I see it. Beautiful.

    How is your happiness project going?

  3. "...the agricultural year and its nature-dependency, works with natural rhythms that would exist anyway" Now that's an interesting take on our love of Autumn. I have to say that I'm rather partial to spring too, all those tiny buds bursting into life and baby birds learning to fly.


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