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Thursday, 13 October 2011

More awards!

Somewhat belatedly, as I crawl out from under a pile of Self-Assessment documentation from my day job, I am happy to accept two more awards on the blog. Andrea Michaels, who blogs at Wordy Living, awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award and Jani at Life Debatable passed on the One Lovely Blog Award. How nice!

I'm taking a leaf out of Andrea's book for this and 'theming' my responses. The Versatile Blogger Award requires me to post seven random facts about myself and to pass it on to fifteen bloggers, while the One Lovely Blog Award simply asks that you pass it on to (and recommend) fifteen newly-discovered blogs.

My themed seven things will be things that I can do:
  • type fast (according to my students - I don't know my wpm speed)
  • read on a bus without feeling sick
  • sew (not that I have time at the moment!)
  • play the flute
  • read a map (take that, gender stereotypes!)
  • fold a terry nappy (although I haven't had to for about six years!)
  • raise one eyebrow disapprovingly
Since many awards are doing the rounds currently, and given that I have already passed on the Versatile Blogger and the Liebster Blog Award fairly recently, I shall recommend just five blogs without worrying about who already has which award. All of these are relatively new to me. To all you lovely bloggers, please feel free to accept or ignore either or both of these awards without fear of offence :)

  • First up, we have the very new InkRunsDry blog, a writing blog run by a very lovely former student of mine, Adam Smith. He's recently been chronicling his attempts to set up a creative writing group in college, so there are bound to be interesting times ahead for him.
  • Next comes C D Meetens' blog One Little Spark, which discusses writing, words, inspiration and some fascinating everyday stuff too (I enjoyed the recent 'pet rat' post, for example). I found her through the Writers' Campaign.
  • Also found through the Writers' Campaign is Candy Lynn Fite, whose blog features regular 'winks of fiction' as well as posts about writing. 
  • Another Writing Campaigner is Clare Robyns, whose novel Second Guessing Fate is just out as an ebook. She posts about the writing process in broad terms as well as about her own work.
  • Maria Smith's lovely blog, First Draft Cafe, is also focused mostly on writing, but also mixes it up with some other topics. Maria is also a Campaigner, but I already 'knew' her on Twitter before following her blog.  


  1. You play the flute? Way cool! I can also read in the car without getting sick. My family thinks I'm a freak of nature.
    Congrats on the award!

  2. Oh, wow, thanks! For the recommendation and the award.

    I used to play the flute in middle school. I think it's a beautiful instrument.

  3. I'm actually more than slightly honoured by your touching write-up, and incredibly miffed that I've been out all day until now! Trust me to venture outside on a day when this kind of thing happens! However, I do intend to properly respond to this when I'm actually at my desk and not propped up against a pillow using my mobile phone!

    And I feel like I knew you played the flute...would this have been something you would have put on display at college at some time or other, or have I just been told before?


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