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Monday, 26 September 2011

Magical Monday: The Everyday Magic of Autumn

The leaves around here are looking gorgeous. Driving down the main road closest to my house, the foliage on either side is phenomenal just now: rich reds, russety browns, golden yellows as well as the last vestiges of green.

Now we're firmly in the dark half of the year (the equinox was last week) it's all longer and longer nights until the tipping point of the Winter Solstice. For some, this is a reason to lament, and of course in less developed times, it was a genuine reason to fear, but for us in our heated homes with water literally on tap, that old primal fear is just residual and we can (mostly) enjoy the changing seasons for their beauty. I really like Autumn for its crunchy leaves and crisp mornings. I'm not a fan of hot weather, or of snow and ice, so Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of year.

That is until the first 'leaves on the track' announcement which makes me late for home or traps me at the station when I want to get home... :) Is that a UK-only thing? International readers - please let me know if that's a familiar thing to you too!

Do you have a favourite season?


  1. Hi Beth,
    I'm with you, Autumn is fabulous for colour, and the many changes in the countryside, but I just don't get how no one has solved this 'leaves on the track' problem.

    I only take the train once a week on average, yet you can bet, I'll have around three incidents, where the train is either cancelled or running late!

    I think it can only be a British thing. :-)
    Happy Autumn

  2. I love Autumn too. Cold, crisp mornings are definitely more my thing than sun-baked afternoons. I'm not a great fan of summer either - hot weather always makes me irritable!

    I'm quite partial to winter too. Love going to a cosy pub and sitting by a roaring log fire, while drinking something warming (like Baileys with err, ice). The snow looks beautiful when it's first fallen, although it does bring a whole new set of problems for the train companies. Especially if it's the 'wrong' kind of snow. :-)

  3. I used to have a favorite season, summer. I love the heat, the sun and ice-cream as well as the ability to sit outside without being cold.
    My perspective has however changed over the last few years. For whatever reason I now appreciate all seasons and I can truly say that I look forward to the subtle changes that announce a new season.
    Having said that, I live in Lancashire so for us it's mainly Spring / Autumn with lots of Winter all year round. Haha.

  4. I admit I don't like the nights drawing in. I loathe Winter, as I like the long days of Summer and (if I'm lucky) the warmth that accompanies it. However, my favourite season is Spring when everything comes back to life again.

    Oh, the trains are disastrous, aren't they? Where else do you buy a train ticket and end up on a bus? :)


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