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Monday, 2 May 2011

April A-Z: Reflections Mega-Post

So, that certainly was a challenge. When I started this blog in December, I never expected to be blogging daily (OK, six days a week). It's been fun, though, and has definitely helped me to improve my blogging habits. I've seen three main benefits from this challenge:

  1. I've encountered (and now follow) several new, cool blogs that I probably wouldn't have come across otherwise.
  2. I've gained quite a few followers myself through the challenge. That was an unexpected benefit for me, and very welcome.
  3. Blogging within strict limits, like all writing to restraints, has been very freeing (in an odd kind of way). Having to come up with something starting with _ has forced me to search around for topics that I might not have blogged about otherwise. Some were a mite forced, but the most successful ones were arguably the ones I struggled most to find - there's definitely a lesson in there!
So, would I do it again? Yes, but not immediately. It's certainly encouraged me to go looking for more challenges/memes to join in with, but I don't intend to blog on a daily basis from now on.


  1. Like you, I am glad I participated, but it will be awhile before I join something like this again. I had fabulous results and have no regrets. It was so nice connecting with you, Beth, even though I didn't get to visit as often during the challenge, I've added you to my blog roll.

  2. I missed visiting during the Challenge. Good to meet you. Congrats on finishing. I’m looking forward to next year!

  3. The best I could do this year was post a reflection after visiting several of the A to Z posters. Next year for sure I'm hopping on board.



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