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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Home on Tuesday: Simple Pleasures

I was compiling a list of things that have made me smile lately - a sort of gratitude exercise, to help me remember that life is good - and I realised that they were all linked.  What I realised was that all of them had made me smile because of a connection - and that all of those connections were about feeling at home and being at peace with myself.

Here's my list:

The rapt attention and sheer squealy delight of my 7 yr old as we follow James on his journey into the peach.
An obvious delight, this one - but her happiness was more enjoyable to me because I understand it.  I'm pleased my girls have discovered the pleasure of stories.  If I could only give them one gift, that would be it.

The opening bars of a song I loved as a teenager.
For this one, it's about being instantly transported to another time, another place, another self.  Those late-80s/early-90s power chords can really make me feel free again, like anything's possible.

The warmth and homeliness I felt on holiday at half term in the depth of Suffolk - the joy of recognising place names I hadn't encountered for 20+ yrs, the pleasure of recognition in that strange accent, the healthy weariness brought on by a seafront walk.
These feelings surprised me.  I lived in Suffolk (in different areas) from the age of 3 until I left for uni aged 19, and having been born in Lancashire, I've always identified as a Northerner.  Apparently, though, Suffolk has part of my heart too - very interesting.

What brings you home?

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  1. Although I still love the thickness of the heat when it hits you as you walk off the plane in Malta, grey and rainy seems to have become more home for me after nearly 7 years here.

    However nothing will ever beat the tastes of home and this is what I miss most: pastizzi; rabbit stew; gbejna; twistees; kinnie & maltese bread... they still make me homesick -If I could have them all here I would be sorted!


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